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You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Today that first impression is happening more and more online. You need to look your best. You need a good headshot.
You may just need a clean professional headshot on a white background. You may want an environmental portrait that shows a bit more of who you are, whether that is at work, at home or doing an activity that shows who you are. Discuss your needs with Hamish and he will tailor a shoot to give you results you will be proud to show.
You may not know exactly what you need, that's fine too, speak to Hamish, he will help you work out what is best for your requirements.
At it's most basic, a headshot is a simple photo of your head and shoulders. It can be expanded into a portrait.
Most people don't really like the idea of stepping in front of the camera... Hamish made a career of being on the other side, just to avoid being in front of it! But 25 years experience behind the camera has given him a natural and relaxed approach, making you feel relaxed, comfortable and capturing the very best you.
Business / Professional / Corporate
Whether you need a headshot for yourself, headshots of your team or the entire staff of your company, Hamish can discuss your individual needs and structure a shoot to suit your requirements.
Hamish has a portable set up and can come to you, taking up far less of your time to give you the result you need. 
Artistic / Personal / Actor / Model
A good headshot can really make you stand out. Whether you are trying to make an impression in a crowded casting call or you just want your social media presence to be the best it can be.
A hair and makeup artist can be arranged
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