Portrait photography is a form of art. It tells a story about the person in the photograph and that’s exactly what Hamish Blair can do.

Hamish is one of the best portrait photographers in Melbourne. He understands the nuisances of portrait photography and brings out a personality in each portrait. His portrait photographs are expressive and natural.

Hamish uses his artistic license to make portrait photography more creative and visually striking. You will see different characteristics in his portraits, as he adds interesting props and locations.

He has captured portraits for clients ranging from sports personalities and actors to performers and entrepreneurs.

If you are looking for portrait photography in Melbourne, you should reach out to Hamish and he will help you get a perfect portrait shot.

Portraits and YOU!

Are you a natural poser or hate to pose for the camera? Whichever person you are; Hamish can ensure you get the best portrait photographs.

Hamish follows a procedure wherein he will sit with you and understand the requirements patiently. Every portrait he takes is well-thought out and can bring out your personality.

To ensure you are comfortable in front of the camera, the setup is kept informal. You can add your natural expressions and body language to your portrait to create your own story.

However, if you want the portrait to be a bit dramatic, or with more contrast, Hamish can customise the portrait shoots to suit your needs.

Visually Striking Portraits

Portraits are so versatile. Be it a candid portrait, glamour portrait, conceptual portrait, environmental portrait, lifestyle portrait or any other.

Get one taken and use it for your website, social media, business collaterals, portfolio, or anywhere else.

Tell your story and show the world your personality with Hamish Blair’s Portrait Photography.